Breeze Fans

Cows in particular, but also other animals such as pigs, poultry and horses, are sensitive to heat and develop stress symptoms. The continuous circulating air cooling throughout the building makes the whole stable to a comfort zone. Performance depressions due to heat stress are thus avoided. The environment and laying areas remain dry. The continuous air flow also helps against birds and insects.

The Breeze Fan moves extremely large amounts of air and is highly energy efficient. The principle is to create a steady, light movement of air for the cooling effect in warmer temperatures and to direct the rising warm air to the floor at the height of the animals in colder periods. In addition the Breeze Fan reduces humidity and odours and creates a healthier environment for animals and humans.

The Breeze fans are available in two different versions. With and without wind sensor. The wind sensor is used to monitor and evaluate wind speeds. The fan switches off automatically if wind speeds are too high to prevent from damage to the unit.


  • Available in 5 different diameters
  • Propeller with 5 blades
  • Variable speed control
  • Solid wing-shaped aluminium wings
  • Extremely energy efficient with very low noise level
  • Easy to assemble


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