Vario Air Mix

The Vario Air-Mix is suitable for the mixing of large air volumes and as a result facilitates the saving of energy costs. In the winter months, it provides an even distribution of the warm air in the stable, which leads to a reduction of the heat output. In the summer months, it generates a cooling air fl ow, which in turn quickly leads away the heat.

The Vario air-Mix is available in two different variants for various projects: With an air inlet at the bottom or an air inlet at the top. Both were designed for the mixing of large air volumes and in this manner to ensure even temperatures throughout the stable.

The variably adjustable opening of the fan module enables both the adjustment of the air fl ow as well as the throwing range. The Vario air-Mix has been especially designed to provide 100% of the fan output as recirculated air. The fan output is 21,125 m3/h and achieves a throwing range of up to 22 metres.

In connection with the wall and ceiling air inlets, the desired amount of fresh air is supplied into the stable, mixed with the warm stable air, thus enabling a constant climate inside of the stable.

The air circulation reduces the humidity in the stable and ensures dryer bedding, which provides a considerable reduction of the formation of ammonia. Humidity-related diseases such as ulcerative pododermatitis as well as avian diseases and fatalities are rarer.

With the Vario air-Mix, you provide the animals with a pleasant stable climate and achieve a higher yield.


  • Constructed of corrosion resistant materials 
  • Maintenance free direct drive motor 
  • adjustable air distribution across a large distribution diameter 
  • Mounts to ceiling using chain links 
  • Variable speed option available 
  • available with intake on top or at bottom for different applications 


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