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REVENTA® climate systems are a true factor for success in pig and poultry production. REVENTA®has been creating the best conditions around the world for over 35 years now: For animals welfare, for lower energy consumption and for reduced production costs.

The products and systems are developed and produced by over 100 REVENTA® employees in Horstmar – a town in the northern part of Germany, characterised by agriculture. Quality “Made in Germany”, the close proximity to customers and extensive experience gained in practice make REVENTA® the ideal partner for stable planners and agricultural architects when it comes to stable climate. A climate system aligned with every stable to the tinniest detail ensures low investment, a reduction in energy costs and a simultaneous increase in production assurance. Through the provision of competent advice, the comprehensive REVENTA® product programme with system modules and custom designs, REVENTA® formulates the optimum solution for each individual customer. Added to this come strong ideas and developments, which are constantly setting industry benchmarks.

Conserving resources, planning on a tailored basis, increasing effi ciency - with REVENTA® customers gain control not only of the stable climate for the health of the animals, they also gain control of the costs!

About Us

REVENTA® - Performance spectrum

Together we can achieve the best!

This is all the more true since REVENTA® became a part of the Munters Group. The combination of know-how and the product portfolio of both companies offers our customers a much wider range of professional solutions. Munters products such as fans, shutters, cooling systems, etc. could be ordered directly from REVENTA®. This means that we can offer a better service to our customers. Not only as it could be ordered as required, but also fast and uncomplicated spare part deliveries and thus results shorter delivery times from the new constellation.

All from one hand.


Made-to-measure planning saves real money

Our motivation is to continue to constantly improve and to keep setting new industry standards with our targeted solutions. As a customer, you directly profit from this motivation: thanks to our uniquely large range of exhaust air ducts and components tested by the DLG (German Agriculture Association) and thanks to proper selecting and dimensioning (according to livestock numbers) you can achieve perfect stable climate control with lowest possible heating and electricity costs. That’s true efficiency!

We think that as a customer, you shouldn’t have to make compromises. Either we have the best solution for you already available or we’ll custom-make it for you.

And when we promise you “excellent organisation and fast order processing” then we mean exactly that. We make sure that your REVENTA® technology products are always 100 % ready for use and are sure to function reliably long-term.That’s “efficiency made by REVENTA®”.

Customer satisfaction

“Everything’s just fine!”

This is the answer that we’re aiming to hear, when we work together with our customers. When our work is done, we want you to be completely satisfied. That why our work begins by listening to and understanding our customers. Personal conversations as well as open-ended and competent advice are vital to finding the best solution for your stable. Let us show you what is possible technically, which factors you need to consider, what you’d need to budget for, where there is potential for economising, as well as so much more.

Over 3,500 products are available on stock and can be sent to you immediately via our express delivery service. In addition to our large product range we also support our customers with product information, documentation and training courses. And while you are implementing your livestock building project, … our distributors and REVENTA®are happy to assist you with advice and support. You can also opt to have us install your ventilation system for you and to carry out regular and professional maintenance.

There’s nothing like putting things into practice

Do you have a suggestion or request? We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks to our in-house tool making section we can quickly put ideas and innovations into practice – if need be within 24 hours. Our experts immediately test and try out all new innovations and developments and put them into practice using our on-site certified testing facility. This means that our customers directly benefit from our tailor-made solutions and that our innovations can go into serial production swiftly.

So you can tell: for us at REVENTA® creating a “good climate” is not only important in stables and livestock buildings – we also care for a great climate in our working relationship with you, our customers.

Product quality

Great signs for perfect REVENTA quality

Quality testing by independent institutes and in practical trials confirms time and again what REVENTA® customers have known for years: our products and systems don’t just meet standards – they set them. That’s true of their quality and also of their everyday practical use.

Examples of this are: our air ducts, diffusers, trapeze ventilation ceilings, Thermo-Plus heating and fresh air inlets for walls, which are – like many of our products – certificated by the DLG. Thanks to the synergy of flow and energy optimised components together with highly efficient fans, performance capacity is increased and consumption rates are sustainably reduced.

At REVENTA®, all our products are developed, tested and quality-controlled in-house by the innovative engineers and technicians in our Development Department. The subsequent production also takes place on-site in Horstmar. That means transport distances or time spent waiting simply don’t arise – everything runs like clockwork. For you as a customer that means highest quality products with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

We regard the many awards we receive as a confirmation of our work. But what we are truly proud of is our customers’ loyalty. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been able to offer you the reliability of a strong partner: high quality, dependability, price stability and unlimited commitment and motivation.

And we won’t cease to keep on improving. That’s a promise!

Und wir hören nicht auf noch besser zu werden. Versprochen!

Seminars and trainings

As part of our customer service we offer you free technical training in German and English. We demonstrate the principles and operating modes to you directly on the product, in our showroom fitted out precisely for this purpose.  We inform you of the technical and legal foundations and run through a range of planning variants. Added to this come excursions and stable tours covering a wide range of subjects, such as heat recovery and exhaust air treatment for example.