»AirProTec« filter module

    Reliable protection against viruses and bacteria for your stable

    To date, the main focus with PRRS germ infections has been placed on infection through sperm or via direct contact with infected animals. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that transfer via air is also a significant factor. For this reason, air filters have been in use in the USA for a number of years now. It is intended that these prevent virus penetrations in areas with high livestock densities. A study has now proven that air filters achieve a significant reduction in the occurrence of PRRS infections. The risk of reinfection can be reduced by up to 80% with this type of fresh air filter system. Previously however, it appeared an economical solution would be difficult to implement due to high operating costs.

    With the newly developed fresh air filter system »AirProTec«®, REVENTA® has succeeded in developing a system that filters up to 95% of PRRS pathogens out of the fresh air, according to tests carried out by Leipzig University. The fresh air filter system is available in two versions:

    Fresh air module: This is used with central, overpressure-based fresh air guidance. This system is equipped with integrated cooling and provides a high degree of operational assurance because no particular requirements apply to the building leak-tightness.

    The special AirProTec® control APT 1.0 monitors:

    - the condition of the AirProTec® filter
    - the maintenance door of the AirProTec® module
    - the fresh air fan and switches this off where necessary 
    Mode of operation: If the differential pressure or the condition of the AirProTec® filter changes then an error message appears on the display and the signal lamp switches from green to red.

    Fresh air cassette: With this, REVENTA® offers a system that is exceptional due to its low operating costs and simple installation. This fresh air cassette can also be integrated into existing ventilation ceilings without particular effort. The operating management requirements are slightly higher with the fresh air cassette.  

    The effectiveness of the currently available »AirProTec«® filter system is presently being tested in relation to further pathogens and the biological effect of the unit is also undergoing investigation, i.e.: What is the effect of the reduction of pathogens in the fresh air on the health of the animals and the performance? For REVENTA®, development is not stopping here. The next aim of the stable climate specialists: It is intended that the highly promising »AirProTec«® unit be integrated into a recirculated air filter, which constantly filters pathogens, biological aerosols and ammonia. This means that the fresh air is filtered, the stable air is constantly cleaned and the exhaust air is also cleaned with an exhaust air washer.


    • Easy to assemble
    • Long service times
    • Higher reduction rate, with PRRS viruses over 95%.


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