Breeze Fans

    The Breeze Fan moves extremely large amounts of air and is highly energy efficient.

    The principle is to create a steady, light movement of air for the cooling effect in warmer temperatures and to direct the rising warm air to the floor at the height of the animals in colder periods. In addition the Breeze Fan reduces humidity and odours and creates a healthier environment for animals and humans.

    Cows in particular, but also other animals such as pigs, poultry and horses, are sensitive to heat and develop stress symptoms. The continuous circulating air cooling throughout the building makes the whole stable to a comfort zone. Performance depressions due to heat stress are thus avoided. The environment and laying areas remain dry. The continuous air flow also helps against birds and insects. The special shape of the blades creates large cylindrical air streams that are directed to the ground. When the air flow hits the ground, it is directed to the nearest environment, so that a stady air flow is created everywhere in the animal area. This air moves sideways until it hits a wall, for example. Then it flows vertically upwards again. The greater the cylindrical air flow, the greater the air circulation and the resulting benefits.


    • Available in a range of diameters
    • Variable speed control by means of frequency inverter and gear motor
    • Several Breeze fans AC can be operated with just a single frequency inverter
    • Stable aerofoil-shaped aluminium blades
    • Quiet-running
    • Improves animal welfare throughout the year
    • Easy to assemble


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