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»Heat-X« Type DG

The »Heat-X« type DG is a directly gas fired heater with a stable flame for a clean, complete combustion in connection with low energy consumption...

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Fresh air ceiling inlet »ZED« Profi 1800

ZED Professional 1800 fresh air ceiling inlets with nozzle structure for high air output velocity and around 10 % greater air flow than the ZED 1800...

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Compact air coolers

If stables are too warm, this leads to stress for the animals and to the associated depletion in performance. To avoid problems...

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Kicking off careers: Apprenticeship at Munters Reventa Germany

Every year in Germany, August 1 is a special date for school graduates as usually many young people...

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»Heat-X« Rotate heat exchanger – customer opinions in a video interview

See what experience the operator of a broiler farm made.

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Evaporative cooling pad system RCP 150 for cooling at high outside temperatures in the animal production

The pad frame system has been developed specially for stables, industrial plants and greenhouses and...

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