ED36HE / EM36 / EM50 / EMS50

The box fans ED36HE, EM30, EM50 and EMS50 are ideally suited when high air flow is required. The unique, self-cleaning propeller design is characterised by its maximum efficiency and has already proven itself over many years in use in agricultural applications in the toughest operating conditions.

High manufacturing competences e.g. during the balancing of the impellers, safeguard low vibration operation. In order to protect the fan against water and contamination, it is embedded in a double ball bearing. Low speeds can be realised without difficulty by means of the belt drive. As a result, high air flow is ensured with simultaneous low power consumption. The multi-leaf damper is closed tightly when the fan is not in operation. This prevents air leakage and as a result unwanted heat loss.

Furthermore, the patented centrifugal system enables the secure and lossless opening of the damper, as the lamella do not have to be adjusted by the air flow. As a result, the opening and closing movement is also not affected by dust. Additionally, any rattling of the multi-leaf damper is prevented in controlled partial load operation.

All plastic parts are UV-stabilized. The housing, inlet nozzle and the lamella of the multi-leaf damper consist of Munters Protect. The fan propellers are optionally made of stainless steel or are available with the Munters Protect coating.


  • Stable and durable design 
  • Propeller produced from stainless steel or the corrosion free Munters Protect
  • Shutter bearings are maintenance-free
  • Patented centrifugal system enables complete and safe opening of the shutter
  • Functionality of the shutter is barely affected by dust collecting on the shutter blades
  • Closes well if the fan is out of operation


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