IsoPANEL for wall fan

    PUR covers offer airtight and insulated closing of the fan on the stable side and thereby prevent cold bridges and false air.

    The IsoPANEL for wall fan fits with all conventional V-belt driven 50» fans (e.g. Munters, Gigola, Pericoli, Vostermans). It consists of a PUR component delivering an absolutely tight seal with a low thermal transmission coefficient of 0.045 W/mK. There is also an integrated seal for fan transition. The practical carrying grips provide ease in use.

    The IsoPANEL for wall fan is available as an internal cover, and can be optionally installed with a light filter. Transport costs are low, as the elements can be stacked.


    • PUR part seals completely tight
    • Good cleaning properties due to smooth surface
    • Ease of handling due to practical carry handle
    • Can be used in conjunction with a light filter
    • Thermal conductivity 0.045 W/mK


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