»Heat-X« Rotate

Effective heat recovery with rotary heat exchanger

The air-air heat exchanger »Heat-X« Rotate is used for the heat recovery of the exhaust air of poultry and pig stables. The design is very compact due to the straightforward construction with direct air flow and without preliminary filtration and generally differentiates itself from the solutions of our competitors.  

The core of the system is formed by a rotary heat exchanger, which with its fully automatic rotor cleaning safeguards optimal efficiency even in the event of a high degree of dust generation. Thanks to the easy access via service shutters, hygienic and quick cleaning is possible at the end of the fattening period. The suction of fresh air is performed via a generously dimensioned weather protection grid with streamline designed lamellas, which prevents the penetration of rain as well as leaves and birds. 

»Heat-X« Rotate is available in different variants. The smaller variant offers a fresh and exhaust air flow of 10,000 m³/h, the larger variant of 20,000 m³/h. Depending on the design, both sizes are suitable for standard truck as well as container transports.


  • No dust filtration required
  • Low pressure loss in comparison to other heat exchangers in the poultry sector
  • Fully automatic rotor cleaning
  • Compact container construction, suitable for common lorry transports
  • Almost no freezing issues
  • Very high heat recovery Performance figures
  • Storage mass with plastic coating to satisfy the highest corrosion protection requirements
  • Adjustable recovery performance by modification of the speed
  • EUROVENT-certified output DIN EN 13053

An exemplary calculation on the heat power

Fresh air inlet:
Air flow:    20.000 m³/h
Air temperature:    0 °C (32 °F)
Relative humidity:    90 %

Fresh air outlet:
Air temperature:    14,8 °C (58,64 °F)
Relative humidity:    79 %

Exhaust air inlet:
Air flow:    20.000 m³/h (11,800 cfm)
Air temperature:    25,1 °C (77,18 °F)
Relative humidity:    67 %

Heat power: ⇒ 175 kW
⇒ (597124.85 Btu)


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