In order to heat the incoming fresh air the heating pipes are fitted directly below the fresh air duct or the trapeze ventilation ceiling. Can also be used as pre-heating in the central passage or in the animals’ lying area. The advantage – as with all hot water heating systems – is that no additional CO2 is produced as a by-product of combustion.
    Due to the large surface area the system attains a maximum heat transmission power of 300 Watt / linear metre. This means that less pipes must be laid and installation costs are reduced

    The plug-in fi ttings (one or both sides and 180° bend) are particularly well suited for simple connection of the pipes. The fi ttings mean that sealing is no longer necessary and rapid installation is guaranteed.


    • Cosy warmth due to radiation
    • Superb thermal conductivity
    • Easy to clean and install
    • Optimised surface – more Watts per linear metre

    Delta-/Twinpipe Plus:
    Heat emission 300 Watt / linear metre


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