High pressure cooling

    The high pressure cooling system is a spray cooling system, in which water is fed to the stable air as mist at a pressure of max. 70 bar by using of high pressure nozzles. The sprayed water mist is so fine that it evaporates immediately. In the process, heat energy is extracted from the hot air, resulting in the quick cooling of the stable air. Due to this cooling effect, the ventilation rate can be decreased, facilitating the saving of energy.

    With REVENTA’s high pressure cooling system, an economical and low-maintenance alternative to conventional high-pressure cooling systems is now available. The unique design of the high pressure nozzles not only prevents dripping, but can be additionally mounted in a flexible manner, due to the patented pipe brackets, and requires very little maintenance. Furthermore, the dust is bound in the compartment and tem­perature reductions of up to 7 Kelvin are possible.


    • Flexibility due to nozzles that can be positioned as required
    • Efficient, easy to assemble and low maintenance requirements
    • Temperature reductions of up to 7 Kelvin are possible
    • Drop size approx. 10-20 micrometers = excellent efficiency
    • Cooling without formation of wetness due to high water pressure
    • Effective dust binding
    • Special anti-drain valves prevent water from dripping


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