Current studies show that sows are becoming increasingly more fertile and that litter sizes are also growing consistently. As such piglet nests must also grow, in order that all piglets can have access to a suffi ciently
warm area during the fi rst 14 days of life. »Thermo-Plus«® piglet nest heating has therefore been adapted to spatial requirements and offers an even heat distribution for the comfort of the piglets.

»Thermo-Plus«® piglet nest heating systems, made from special plastic, provides a high degree of laying comfort due to its soft surface.

The animals do not cool down even when the system is switched off, due to the high heat storage capacity. The heat retention on the back side consists of closedcell insulation made of PUR (approx. 20 mm). The drip edge on the rear side drains the moisture of the piglet nest heating system and ensures an improved level of hygiene. Due to the pair of specially produced support rails, the heating system is guaranteed to fit perfectly on all conventional grates.

»Thermo-Plus«® piglet nest heating systems are available in warm water and electric variants.


  • Optimum heat distribution
  • Tailored insulation
  • Optimum comfort when lying due to soft surface
  • Easy to clean with high-pressure cleaner
  • Excellent rub resistance, non-slip surface
  • DLG-tested system (DLG test report 6079F and 6080F)

Sizes: 400/500 x 1200/1600 mm

Variants: Hot water or electrical

Due to the universal edging the Thermo-Plus plates fit with the majority of floor systems and can be laid evenly.


Infosheet Download

DLG test report 6079F (heating for piglet cover - universal hot water) Download

DLG test report 6080F (heating for piglet cover - universal electrical) Download

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