Low pressure cooling systems for recirculation fans

    Existing recirculation fans can easily be supplemented with this low pressure cooling system (pressure range 4 - 5 bar). Assembly of the nozzles takes place in the range of the highest air velocities. The large throwing range of the fan ensures optimum spreading of the cooling mist. The energy required for the evaporation of this mist is drawn from the air. The result is a drop in temperature (adiabatic cooling). The low pressure cooling for recirculation fans serves as a retrofit kit for existing fans. It can be integrated with ease, thanks to the assembly-friendly screw and adhesive connection.

    No dripping nozzles, thanks to the anti-drain valves from REVENTA®. The nozzle has a good spray pattern of 65 microns and a throughput of 5.5 litres/h and 4 bar water pressure.


    • Economical and easy to retrofit
    • Efficient, easy to install and low maintenance
    • Operating pressure ca. 4 bar
    • Spray pattern 65 microns = good efficiency
    • Water flow rate per nozzle 5,5 l/h (at 4 bar)
    • Special anti-drip valves prevent water from dripping


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