Do you want an exhaust air treatment with low energy consumption?

The LAVAMATIC® drum washer facilitates the exhaust air treatment and removes more than 80% ammonia and over 90% dust from the exhaust air of pig and poultry stables. The optionally available biological stage ensures for a considerable reduction of odors in pig stables. Odors are reduced to approx. <300 GE/m3. Due to the unique design of the drum washer, no costly circulation pumps are required, this ensures very low electrical consumption.

The LAVAMATIC® drum washer is available in two different sizes:

  •  50.000 m³/h air flow
  • 100.000 m³/h air flow

Watch the video and learn more about the functionality and advantages of the LAVAMATIC® drum washer. You can also find more details on our product page.