ZLV Vario

The ZLV Vario can be controlled centrally, i.e. multiple fresh air distributors via one actuator, or on a decentralised basis. With decentralised control every ZLV Vario can be controlled via its own motor, which is installed in the pipe.

Vario fresh air distributor automatically switches to winter, transition and summer mode by means of fan module movement. The ZLV Vario’s sliding fan module makes it possible to variably adjust the recirculation gap.

This makes 100% of fan output available as fresh air capacity during summer operation. Thus, the number of fresh air ducts required can be halved in comparison to standard recirculation systems. The Vario fresh air distributor delivers fresh air over the roof, with each fresh air distributor activated by a motor.


  • Ultra-fine fresh air distribution across a large distribution radius, also with minimal air flow rates
  • Flexible system for every type of stable and livestock quantities in diameters of Ø 650, 730, 820, 920 mm
  • Danger of ice formation also at extreme outside temperatures considerably reduced
  • Complete closing of the recirculation gap, thereby increasing maximum fresh air capacity
  • All components made from thermally-insulated polyurethane

Technical data:

Internal diameters 650, 730, 820 and 920 mm
Drive components: Motor drive, rope drive


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