»ZEW« Flatwave 2600

The »ZEW« Flatwave 2600 compact wall inlet convinces due to its flat, compact construction. The flap can be opened and closed variably in vertical direction. This offers a benefit if the projection of apivoting fresh air inlet into the room is not wanted.

The frame and the flap consist of heat-insulated polyurethane — the adjustable air conduction lamellas of UV-stabilized PVC.

With this wall inlet the volume flow and air guidance are decoupled. Four individually adjustable air conduction lamellas provide an ideal air guidance. Depending on the opening of the flap, the volume flow is dosed. Thanks to its wavy structure, a high throwing range of the „heavy“ fresh air is also guaranteed during cold outdoor temperatures (winter position). Furthermore, the air flow is already directed slightly upwards when the flap is opened just a little. During summer, the flap allows an intake of warm fresh air along the wall downwards when open 75 % or more.

Thanks to the intake nozzle, integrated in the frame, a nearly loss-free intake of air into the inlet is possible.

The integrated seal in combination with the lateral flap guidance embedded in the frame guarantee high tightness.


  • Wave structure for high throwing range at little flap opening
  • Air guidance directed slightly upwards – even at little flap opening
  • Air conduction lamellas are individually adjustable
  • Made of heat-insulated polyurethane
  • Compact design
  • Integrated slot for optional bird protective grid and air conduction sheet


  • Air conduction sheet
  • Bird protection grid
  • Wind deflection hood


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