Fresh air ceiling inlet »ZED« 1000 / 1500 and 1500 double

These multipurpose fresh air inlets have been designed for installation in stable ceilings. They are low maintenance with high functional assurance. The »ZED« can be manually operated using a mechanical crank, or controlled via a central actuator. The incoming fresh air is fed along the ceiling and thereby mixes with the stable air. When fully open the air is directed into the animal area, although not directly vertically towards the animals.

In order to control the fresh air more finely in the minimum range it is possible to open inlets after a time-delay using a motor control set.

The fresh air inlet isavailable in 2 sizes (»ZED« 1000, »ZED« 1500) and as a double inlet »ZED« 1500.


  • High insulation value
  • Optimum closing and good seal
  • Easy to clean
  • Practical rope fastener for connecting the inlet with the main traction


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