Energy-saving, efficient and environmentally-friendly fresh air heating with the REVENTA® heat exchanger. In piglet breeding in particular high room temperatures are required the whole year round. With rising oil and gas prices heat recovery is therefore the solution to reducing heating costs. The outgoing hot exhaust air heats the incoming fresh air in a counterflow. The tube heat exchanger consists of an external pipe and a tube bundle of smaller internal pipes. The exhaust air flows past the internal pipes, whilst the fresh air is fed through the internal pipes. The high efficiency is the result of the large exchanger surfaces. The smooth surface of the pipes and the supporting cleaning nozzle facilitate optimum cleaning.

The exchanger can be used in new builds and also retrofitted in existing facilities. Due to the compatibility of the heat exchanger with the REVENTA® pipe systems, it is possible to use the existing pipes. It is also possible to overcome difficult installation situations with the flexible pipe system.

Further advantages:

  • exchanger capacity 20 - 120 KW
  • High efficiency
  • Weather and corrosion-resistant materials
  • Short payback timeFarbtöne Rohrsystem: lichtgrau, braun

The exchanger is available in the pipe diameters 920, 1,090 and 1,270 mm (other sizes available on request)

Pipe system colours: Light grey, brown


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