»safe-let« compact

The »safe-let«® compact wall inlet impresses due to its flat, compact construction and so is always advan tageous if the projection of the pivoting inlet shutter into the room could be considered intrusive. With the wall inlet the air flow and the air guidance are de-coupled. Four air conduction sheets that can be adjusted independently from one another provide optimum air guidance.

The air flow is metered depending on the opening of the shutter. The circumferential seal guarantees an optimum closure and high level of leak-tightness. There is an almost loss-free flow of supply air through the inlet as a result of the intake nozzles integrated into the frame. This facilitates increases in flow volumes of up to 15% in comparison to previous valve solutions.

Inner diameter: 600, 800, 1,000 mm
Special widths on request.


  • Up to 15 % more air flow due to integrated intake nozzle
  • Adjustable air conduction sheets depending on prefered air guidance
  • Decoupling of air guidance and air flow
  • All round sealing for perfect closure
  • Insulated PUR flap preventing heat losses
  • Reduction of condensation
  • Compact design


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