With the fresh air distributor ZLV Neo fresh air is fed via the roof into the stable. The system ensures even distribution over the entire radius of the chimney. The recirculation fan ensures an improved mixing of the cold fresh air and the warm stable air and therefore better distribution. The new wave structure in the nozzle ensures the optimum fresh air control even with a minimal opening.

The ZLV Neo can be controlled centrally, i.e. multiple fresh air distributors via one actuator, or on a decentralised basis. With decentralised control every ZLV Neo can be controlled via its own motor, which is installed in the pipe.

The system is fitted in large buildings, in which a fresh air supply via fresh air inlets in the side is not possible for design reasons. Furthermore, it is also used with wide and low stables in which fresh air cannot be realised via inlets. With an additional fan installation it is also possible to use the ZLV Neo in an equal pressure system.


  • Finest fresh air distribution across a large distribution radius, also with lower air flow rates
  • high air flow:
    Ø 650 mm with 7,800 m³/h up to
    Ø 920 mm with 13,500 m³/h (30 Pa)
  • Flexible system for every stable type and number of animals
  • Minimal air velocity in the animal area

Technical data:

Internal diameters 650, 730, 820 and 920 mm
Drive components: Motor drive, rope drive


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