Wall chimneys

    REVENTA® wall chimneys have been primarily designed for use in poultry stables. They are especially well suited for use with tunnel ventilation. They are also ideal for the installation of emergency fans.

    All REVENTA® wall chimneys are extremely pressure stable in comparison to conventional wall fans. The nozzles on both sides ensure an almost loss-free escape flow of the exhaust air.

    On request wall chimneys can also be equipped with a shutter.


    • Highly efficient
      Ø 520 mm with 8,550 m³/h up to
      Ø 1,270 mm with 50,550 m³/h (0 Pa)
    • Highly pressure stable
    • Improved control capability
    • Easy to clean due to the smooth surfaces
    • Large air capacity

    Diameter: 520 mm to 1,270 mm

    Wall chimneys are available with single-phase or three-phase fan.

    Suitable for