»NETT« dry dust filter

Effective dedusting is growing in importance when it comes to poultry management. Especially in light of the discussion surrounding bioaerosols and the issue of permits for new stalls, »NETT« dry dust filters represent an effective solution.

With the »NETT« dry dust filter, Reventa® has developed a system that stands out among the competition due to its extremely compact design and automatic cleaning.

The dust filter itself consists of one stainless steel screen (mesh size 0.45 mm), which is anchored and spread across a steel frame with vibrating motor. When air loaded with dust flows through this special mesh, a thin filter cake forms, enhancing increases separation efficacy even further.

Differential pressure, which is dependent upon flow volume, will increase as the filter cake grows. When the maximum pressure for activating cleansing is reached, the exhaust air duct shutters for the respective chamber are closed and the fan is turned off. 


  • Extremely compact design due to a high filter surface load
  • Automatic cleaning via integrated vibrating motor (230V)
  • Automatic filter monitoring via NETT filter control
  • Separated dust will remain in the animal zone, and does not have to be disposed of separately
  • Overall dust separation rate >70%, and dust concentration on the clean gas side


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