»Heat-X« Type DG

The »Heat-X« type DG is a directly gas fired heater with a stable flame for a clean, complete combustion in connection with low energy consumption. 

Optimal stable temperatures have a large influence on the health and efficiency of the animals. As a result, in many climatic regions the use of a heater is essential.

In addition to the correct temperatures, the even air distribution is a further important factor in order to achieve the best possible conditions both in agriculture as well as in horticulture. The »Heat-X« type DG was specifically developed in order to control these factors. The air volume of 6,000 – 7,000 m3/h attuned to the heating capacity and the special, conical outlet of the direct gas fired heater provide an optimal air distribution, which safeguards the even heat distribution and a uniform climate.

The »Heat-X« type DG is suitable for different fuels and can be delivered in the following versions: Natural gas (H-gas and L-gas), butane, propane or LPG. The direct gas fired heater is set to the desired fuel at the factory. Alternatively, a conversion kit is available, which the gas type can be set on-site with.

Technical data:

  »Heat-X» Type 4DG »Heat-X» Type 5DG »Heat-X» Type 6DG
Air flow volume (heating) 6.000 m³/h 6.000 m³/h 7.000 m³/h
Electrical supply data 230V; 2,8A; 550W 230V; 2,8A; 550W 230V; 3,8A; 800W
Output 75 kW 100 kW 120 kW
Throwing range ≈ 40 m ≈ 40 m ≈ 45 m
Dimensions H x W x L (mm) 540 x 660 x 1.230 mm 540 x 660 x 1.230 mm 540 x 660 x 1.230 mm
Weight 40 kg 40 kg 45 kg


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