Compact air coolers

If stables are too warm, this leads to stress for the animals and to the associated depletion in performance. To avoid problems with overly high temperatures, REVENTA® offers the compact air cooler with different air capacity options (12,500 and 20,000 m³/h). 

In summertime, an effective cooling system is of particular importance. With the REVENTA® air cooler, warm dry air is fed into the stable through a special plastic packing. The filling material is sprinkled with water from above, so that the fresh air is moistened and thereby also cooled (evaporative cooling). 

In this way it is guaranteed that the animals are supplied with cool fresh air even on hot days. 


  • Easy installation due to prefabricated parts
  • Uncomplicated technology and therefore also simple maintenance
  • Low electrical power costs due to low exhaust air flow rates
  • Compatible with many ventilation systems
  • Even suitable for very poor water qualities
  • Higher daily growth through better room climates
  • Long service times and small dimensions
  • High quality plastic frame is impervious to poor water quality (salt, iron, algae, i.e. hardly any negative effects on efficiency)


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