»ZEW« basic

Developed according to the latest technology, the wall inlet »ZEW« basic 1600 offers decisive advantages compared to standard inlets available on the market.

»ZEW« basic 1600’s special wavy shape optimizes the airflow as well as the throwing range with minimum ventilation.

Additionally to the wave contour, the air entrance is improved by an integrated air inlet nozzle. This nozzle increases the volume flow and thus contributes to a reduction in energy costs.

Another feature is the special drip edge in combination with a seal at the flap’s lower end. This secures that even at temperatures below freezing point the flap does not freeze due to condensate.


  • Designed for poultry and swine farming 
  • The wavy structure of the frame idealizes air flow and throwing range, especially at minimum ventilation
  • Flap with drip edge and sealing to avoid icing 
  • High volume flow thanks to air inlet nozzle
  • Integrated slot for optional bird protective grid and air conduction sheet
  • Available in standard version or differentiated air flow version
  • Made of heat-insulated polyurethane


  • Air conduction sheet
  • Bird protection grid
  • Light filter wall mounting
  • Wind deflection hood
  • Wind deflection hoods incl. light filter


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