Light filters / Wind deflection hoods incl. light filter


Light filters for wall mounting reduce the incoming daylight to a minimum. Due to the flexible design, tailored dimensions are possible in addition to the standard sizes for REVENTA® fresh air inlets and conventional wall fans.

Wind deflection hoods

The wind deflection hoods serve as wind protection ahead of fresh air inlets and air ducts. Due to the all round flange these can be mounted on the wall with ease.

In combination with an integrated light filter they reduce the incoming daylight from 25,000 Lux to 0.01 Lux. Available in weather-resistant materials and in a range of colour combinations, inside and out.

ABS wind deflection hoods
Material: high quality and UV-resistant plastic
Colours: Black

GRP wind deflection hoods
Material: high quality, glass-fibre reinforced and UV-resistant polyester
Colours: Light grey/brown

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