ridge ventilations

    By choosing the ideal solution to provide natural ventilation for your stable, you significantly increase the livestock welfare and thereby your production yield. Munters ridge ventilation provides an excellent combination of ventilation and light dispersion. Insulated and UV-resistant polycarbonate, double-webbed sheets ensure little or no condensation on the inside. The sheet profile and technical specification provide a robust and weatherproof solution with optimal performance and ease of use.

    The design of the ridge ventilations results in a vacuum effect, which effectively sucks out the warm and consumed air inside the stable. The system can be equipped with a fixed airflow opening as well as with a dynamic wind deflector solution. The dynamic wind deflector solution can be handled manually or automatically, which optionally functions with a climate control system.
    With both systems, bird protection nets can effectively close the ridge opening.


    • Ideal combination of natural ventilation and optimum light dispersion
    • Rigid, weather proof construction, especially for cold climate regions
    • 10 mm, UV-resistant polycarbonate double-webbed sheets
    • Varying heights and widths to accommodate individual requirements for air capacity and light dispersion
    • The ridge vent is part of the emergency ventilation in case of fire


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