MVP - Munters Ventilation Panels

Made of durable, UV-resistant, 10 mm polycarbonate double-webbed sheets. When closed, the ventilation panels have an insulating effect and are therefore particularly suitable for stables in cold climates, but also for calf stables, milking parlours and collecting areas in moderate climate zones. In order to prevent freezing in high humidity, additional sealing tapes can be mounted. Easy installation thanks to the lightweight construction (few moving parts) directly on the stable walls.
The MVP system is equipped with a stainless steel wire pulling system which operates vertically with a manual hand crank, winch motor or gear motor. The gear motor operates either manually with a manual controller or fully automatically, with an opening degree that can be individually determined by Munters Natural Center/Master climate control and by an optional wind and rain sensor. The panel opens from top to bottom.


  • Optimal light transmission
  • Simple installation
  • Operation: manual or with gear motor, optionally with climate control system
  • Protects animals and the interior of the building from drafts and cold
  • Optimal ventilation possibility in colder climates
  • Panels open from top to bottom


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