»safe-let« fresh air inlet

The »safe-let« range stands for a flexible inlet system. The inlets can therefore vary in terms of depth and width and can be adapted to the conditions of the building. The inlet frame consists of stable and weather-resistant PVC. The inlet shutters are produced from insulated polyurethane foam. Due to the insulation and the all round sealing, outgoing heat losses are kept to a minimum.

Due to the flexible, pluggable framework design it is possible to combine multiple inlets into individual inlet groups. It is therefore possible to configure multi air inlets for tunnel ventilation, and multiple inlets alongside one another can also be installed.

Air flow* »safe-let«®, width 1,200 mm

Type Air flow* Outer dimensions without flange
14.700 1.250 x 960
21.300 1.250 x 1.140
27.800 1.250 x 1.920
28.800 2.500 x 960
44.100 3.750 x 1.140

* Air flow with differential pressure of 20 Pa in m3/h.



  • All round sealing for optimum closure
  • 15% greater air flow through integrated intake nozzle
  • Variable in width and depth


  • Air flow panels prevent the lateral escape of fresh air
  • Air conduction sheet above the inlet
  • Protective bird grid, light filter, pulleys
  • Traction rods and control


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