Fresh air ceiling inlet »ZED« Profi 1800 and 1800 double

ZED Professional 1800 fresh air ceiling inlets with nozzle structure for high air output velocity and around 10 % greater air flow than the ZED 1800. The optimised shutter contour ensures that the air flow is always directed at the ceiling even at full aperture and that the air flow is targeted and assuredly guided. This ensures that no draught is created. With a small aperture during winter the nozzle contour increases the air exhaust speed, so that no cold air enters the animal area. Furthermore, the ZED Professional 1800 has been further optimised for use in cold climates. Due to the unassembled delivery and tailored packaging, transport costs are significantly reduced in comparison to the ZED 1800.

Material: Resistant polyurethane rigid foam (CFC-free).


  • Optimised flap contour with new lateral screening
  • Highly output air velocity
  • Good mechanical characteristics
  • High insulation value


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