LAVAMATIC - exhaust air washer

The LAVAMATIC® drum washer facilitates the exhaust air treatment of poultry and pig stables for example, and is supplied as a complete, prefabricated module. The LAVAMATIC® system can simply be placed on the gable wall or long side of the stable. The drum washer with an air flow of 50,000 m³/h consists of a unique patent-registered drum washer without the use of cost-intensive circulation pumps. Furthermore, an optional biological stage is available for odour reduction.

The drum washer is characterised by its very low electricity consumption due to its ability to operate without pump equipment.

Ammonia drum washer for ammonia reduction
The exhaust air is now guided over the unique, patent-registered drum washer. The continual rotation of the washer drum takes the wash water, which is acidified to pH3, out of the water basin and the filling material in the wash drum is moistened. Additionally, the filling material is constantly cleansed when the wash drum is immersed in the water basin. 
A wiper mounted at the top of the wash drum ensures that the coarser particles are removed from the drum's exterior. Simultaneously, the wiper is used for sealing the drum.
The LAVAMATIC® does not require separate washing water treatment, and this constitutes a further advantage of the technology. Elutriation takes place directly from the water basin into a separate elutriation tank.

Biological stage for odour reduction
The exhaust air, now free of ammonia, is then guided over the last cleaning stage. Here, the final odour components are eliminated by the bio filter. 
Furthermore, intermittent moistening ensures optimum conditions for odour reduction in the filter system. 


  • Operationally reliable
  • Very low electrical operating consumption due to superfluous pump technology:
  • Unique rotating washing drum without pump technology and full automatic cleaning.
  • Selfcleaning washing drum


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