for motors

Motor controllers SLRK

For the conversion of a 0/2 - 10 V control signal to a drive with feedback potentiometer. The drive is driven between the end stops programmed during commissioning by means of the motor controller evaluating the signals from the feedback potentiometer. In doing so the requirements regarding pulse-pause operation for the REVENTA® electro cylinders are taken into account. By means of manual operation, the drive can also be driven with the direction buttons. Even with this manual operation the end positions programmed during commissioning
cannot be exceeded.

SLRK Position transmitter

SLRK servomotor with changeover switch and coupling relay. Protective class IP66 for 0 - 10 kΩ motors. Individual components for manual retraction and extension of the electro cylinder. Possible to change over to automatic mode. The operating voltage of the motor is routed via two contactors in order to protect the computer. These contactors are switched by the climate computer.
Advantage: The high switching currents are not routed through the computer's relays.
Possible switch positions: 0/open/close/automatic.

Fixed voltage supply systems FSV-1

Due to its electronic regulation, the FSV-1 guarantees the operational safety of the direct-current electrical installation in the event of power fluctuations and surges. It delivers constant 24V DC at the outlet
irrespective of its loading, with voltages of between 176V and 264V. One FSV-1 can control up to two electro cylinders 24V DC.

Emergency Power Supply EPS

The emergency power supply EPS serves to buffer the 230 V or 24V supply of electro cylinders or servomotors for opening flaps. With this, in the event of a power failure these drives can be switched to an emergency position once, in order to ensure the greatest possible air circulation when the power supply has failed. One EPS can control up to two electro cylinders. We recommend additional overvoltage protection.

Technical specifications:

Motor controls SLRK 0-10V
Operating voltage control: 230V/50/60Hz
control signal: 0/2 - 10V, 10 - 2/0V
potential free switch contacts for motor drive: 24-230V AC/DC max. 200VA
Feedback potentiometer for the drive: min. 2kΩ, max. 10kΩ

SLRK Position transmitter
protective class: IP66 for 0 - 10kΩ motors

Fixed voltage supply systems FSV-1
Protective class: IP66
input voltage: 88..132V and 176..264V;
output voltage: 24V, 160VA

Emergency Power Supply EPS
Protective class: IP54

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