Munters Plastic Gutter (MPG)

The Munters Plastic Gutter (MPG) is a complete water supply and distribution system for evaporative cooling with Pad-frame systems. The package contains the upper and lower frame system, the water supply kit and the end piece. The Munters Plastic Gutter was developed to ensure optimal wetting of the evaporative cooling pads with water, even in extreme heat, and a continuous water recirculation. Maintenance and cleaning are simplified by a Clip function in order to quickly access the water pipe or to replace the evaporative cooling pads. The Munters plastic frame system is suitable for plastic as well as paper pads with a wall thickness of 150 mm. The MPG System increases efficiency by saving money, time and material: no use of adhesives for the frame system, reduced installation time and no reworking. 

Innovative development
Munters goes one step further when it comes to providing a trouble-free and easy to install pad frame system.  A revolutionary system without gluing the frame system that simplifies the installation process. This new system guarantees a long service life as there are no cracks or water leaks due to thermal expansion or contraction.


  • No risk of corrosion and long durability
  • No water leakage caused by glue/adhesive and thermal expansion/contraction
  • Easy cleaning and pad replacement: clip function to access water distribution pipe and pad removal
  • Semi-open header for visual inspection and check-up
  • Long maintenance intervals: no glue to reapply or repair
  • Easy and quick installation: same day commissioning, no digging for water tan


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