Evaporative cooling pad system RCP 150 for cooling at high outside temperatures in the animal production

PVC pad frame systems for optimum evaporative cooling!

The pad frame system has been developed specially for stables, industrial plants and greenhouses and is used in environments in which highly efficient cooling is required. 

All components are produced from plastic. The fastening materials, such as clips or screws, are manufactured from stainless steel. The combination of these two materials ensures a long service life. A pump transports the water through the system and feeds it from above via a spray pipe and the deflector to the pads. The water then flows over the meshed surface of the CoolPads. 

The energy required to evaporate the water is drawn directly from the air. For this reason, the air that flows through the CoolPads in the stable is cooled and causes a reduction of the stable temperature. The natural cooling effect therefore occurs without any additional energy supply at all. The pad frame system is suitable for both plastic and paper pads with a wall thickness of 150 mm. Thanks to the clip-on design, the components can be assembled quickly and easily. Because the bonding surfaces and connection parts are preformed and facilitate safe and simple assembly. It is only necessary to mount the wall clips on the wall.