»AirProTec« filter modules und filters for fresh air filtration project in Denmark

We will deliver and install 16 pcs of our AirProTec modules and 400 pcs of the AirProTec filters to one of the leading swine breeding farms in Denmark during September and October.

The project was realized through one of our Danish partners - Skiold Group - and signifies the focus the swine breeding industry has on filtration of fresh air to prevent airborne pathogens such as PRRS and Mycoplasma from entering breeding facilities.

Our unique filtration solutions are based on mechanical filtration – a concept which we believe ensures the highest level of protection with a minimum of maintenance and operating cost. Furthermore mechanical filtration has been the preferred method of filtration in the main swine producing countries for years! Munters has already installed filtration solutions to protect more than 350.000 sows in total.