MFP-S - Munters Folding Curtains mit Gurtsystem

Made of durable, UV-resistant, PVC-coated polyester with optimal light transmission. Surface with antistatic qualities rejects dirt (straw, sand, dust).
The MFP-S system moves through a winding pipe and belt drum, which is operated vertically by a winch or gear motor. The gear motor operates either manually with a manual controller or fully automatically, with an opening degree that can be individually determined by Munters Natural Center/Master climate control and by an optional wind and rain sensor. The curtain opens from top to bottom, folds lengthwise and lays flat at the wall or plinth when fully open.


  • Oberfläche mit antistatischen Eigenschaften weist Schmutz (Stroh, Sand, Staub) ab
  • Variabler Öffnungsgrad
  • Die Gardine öffnet von oben nach unten
  • Regulierung manuell, halbautomatisch oder vollautomatisch
  • Optimale Lichtdurchlässigkeit
  • Erfordert keine separaten Sicherheitsvorkehrungen


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