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»Heat-X« Type G

Reventa’s »Heat-X« Type G is an efficient gas fired heater with a closed combustion system low on energy consumption. Thanks to this system CO₂ and water vapor will be avoided so that the humidity will be kept on a low level in stables. The energy consumption decreases also, due to the fact that the fresh air supply can be reduced.

Another positive effect is that the feed stays drier which prevents from typical diseases like Podo. So the thickness and mortality rate can be minimized which leads automatically to a higher output per bird flock. 

Since no exhaust gas analysis is required the installation of the »Heat-X« Type G is fairly uncomplicated. The device is not only easy to service but also good to clean as well as easy to handle due to its precise error indications. Thanks to the closed combustion system there is no open flame in the stable which has another positive effect on insurance expenses.

The robust »Heat-X« Type G housing is entirely made of stainless steel and therefore perfectly usable for poultry houses.. »Heat-X« Type G is available in three different versions: The smallest one has an air volume flow of 6,000 m³/h, whereas the middle one flows 8,000 m³/h and the biggest version 10,000 m³/h.

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»Heat-X« Type G