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REVENTA - EuroTier 2016 impressions

REVENTA Messestand EuroTier

REVENTA® presented high quality products as well as innovative novelties at the EuroTier 2016 in Hanover, the international event for professional animal production.

As you can see on the pictures in the area “impressions” the atmosphere amongst exhibitors and guests was great. Especially the stand-party which we celebrated together with our colleagues from Munters was a big success and all guests enjoyed themselves.

Product focus

On its stand REVENTA® presented products for fresh air supply, exhaust air treatment, filtering, heating and cooling as well as for air cleaning. Specifically our heat exchanger »Heat«-X Rotate and our drum washer LAVAMATIC® for poultry houses appealed to the visitors.

Effective heat recovery with our rotary heat exchanger »Heat-X« Rotate:

Developed by REVENTA® the air-air-heat exchanger »Heat-X« Rotate recovers the exhaust air of swine and poultry stables. Due to its simple design with a direct air guidance the differential pressure-optimized construction is very compact and differs generally from competitors’ designs. Centerpiece of this device is the rotary heat exchanger which, due to its fully automatically rotor cleaning, guarantees an ideal efficiency even in the event of a high degree of dust. Thanks to the easy access via service dampers the hygienic and and quick cleaning is possible at the end of a fattening period. Further information ►


Drum washer LAVAMATIC®: trendsetting exhaust air cleaning

The two-staged washer consists of a combination of:

Stage 1: a unique, patent-pending drum washer without usage of cost-intensive circulation pumps.
Stage 2: a downstream odour seperation through the use of a wood established biofilter.

The LAVAMATIC®-system will be delivered as a complete and prefabricated module which can be placed at the gable end or the side wall of a stable. The water movement in the LAVAMATIC® happens without any pumps which is a unique system compared to competitors who use those circulation pumps. This system is patent-pending and saves energy of up to 50 % in comparison to other, usual washers. The bio stage consists of different kinds of wood and eliminates the smell/odour. For many years this system is already proven and tested in the agricultural business. Further information ►


This year’s EuroTier’s outcome is that Reventa is with its right actions, innovative products and motivated employees well-prepared for the (near) future. With many productive conversations and promising new contacts in the luggage the company left the EuroTier and is already looking forward to the next edition in 2018.


Impressions from this year’s exhibition