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Thomas Pollmeier – last day as managing director at REVENTA

The 29th of April has been the last day as official managing director for Thomas Pollmeier.

After 18 years in this position he is proud handing over such a successful and solid company. “The order situation is well, although the national demand is still restrained. But in comparison to last year the order backlog has been increased by 50 %”, states Thomas Pollmeier. Due to contracting general agreements with several key accounts in the past weeks the impact and importance of Reventa as an assembly- and logistics location will increase within the Munters group.

The first six months of the Munters cooperation pointed out some great opportunities for Reventa and its customers. To further improve the service Munters products like fans, shutters, cooling systems, etc. can from now on be ordered by the customer at Reventa directly. Besides ordering demand-actuated, a fast and simple spare part delivery with shorter delivery times is also possible. In addition the transport costs will be reduced for the customers and the ordered goods can be delivered quickly – everything from one source.

In addition, in the past 36 months the company invested more than 1.2 Mio. Euros into the developments of exhaust air cleaning and filtration of fresh air. Referring to Andreas Kerßens, the new managing director of Reventa, the progress is more than satisfying so that these products will be launched soon. In this respect the company is also well prepared.

The position as managing director is perfectly filled with Andreas Kerßens. He has joined the company in 2014 and has been responsible for the production as well as the research and development department relying on a strong team ever since. 

Attention should be also drawn to the company headquarters of Reventa. Reventa will expand and become one of the four important hubs worldwide. Among others a production line for the installation of fans is planned and will be set up until fall 2016. 

So the future looks positive for Reventa, Munters and its customers.

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