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LAVAMATIC - exhaust air washer

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The Lavamatic® drum washer is used for exhaust air treatment for Broiler chicken rearing and consists of a combination of:

1st stage: 
A unique patent-registered drum washer without the use of cost-intensive circulation pumps.

2nd stage:
A downstream odour seperation through the use of a wood established biofilter.  

Exhaust air treatment in the agricultural sector currently does not line up with state of the art technology. In addition to the high operating costs (specifically from recirculation/atomizing of the washing water), high expenditure for cleaning and complex handling, it’s also the case that effective odour separation can only be performed to a limited extent.

LAVAMATIC® addresses these critical points and offers solutions leading the way into the future.


  • Operationally reliable
  • Very low electrical operating consumption due to superfluous pump technology:
    Broiler chicken rearing
     ~0.15 kWh / livestock space/year
  • Unique rotating washing drum without pump technology and full automatic cleaning.
  • Effective odour separation through the use of chlorine dioxide.
  • Selfcleaning washing drum