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Product quality

Great signs for perfect REVENTA quality

Quality testing by independent institutes and in practical trials confirms time and again what REVENTA® customers have known for years: our products and systems don’t just meet standards – they set them. That’s true of their quality and also of their everyday practical use.

Examples of this are: our air ducts, diffusers, trapeze ventilation ceilings, Thermo-Plus heating and fresh air inlets for walls, which are – like many of our products – certificated by the DLG. Thanks to the synergy of flow and energy optimised components together with highly efficient fans, performance capacity is increased and consumption rates are sustainably reduced.

At REVENTA®, all our products are developed, tested and quality-controlled in-house by the innovative engineers and technicians in our Development Department. The subsequent production also takes place on-site in Horstmar. That means transport distances or time spent waiting simply don’t arise – everything runs like clockwork. For you as a customer that means highest quality products with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

We regard the many awards we receive as a confirmation of our work. But what we are truly proud of is our customers’ loyalty. For nearly 30 years, we’ve been able to offer you the reliability of a strong partner: high quality, dependability, price stability and unlimited commitment and motivation.

And we won’t cease to keep on improving. That’s a promise!