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Customer satisfaction

“Everything’s just fine!”

This is the answer that we’re aiming to hear, when we work together with our customers. When our work is done, we want you to be completely satisfied. That why our work begins by listening to and understanding our customers. Personal conversations as well as open-ended and competent advice are vital to finding the best solution for your stable. Let us show you what is possible technically, which factors you need to consider, what you’d need to budget for, where there is potential for economising, as well as so much more.

Over 3,500 products are available on stock and can be sent to you immediately via our express delivery service. In addition to our large product range we also support our customers with product information, documentation and training courses. And while you are implementing your livestock building project, … our distributors and REVENTA® are happy to assist you with advice and support. You can also opt to have us install your ventilation system for you and to carry out regular and professional maintenance.

There’s nothing like putting things into practice

Do you have a suggestion or request? We’d love to hear from you!

Thanks to our in-house tool making section we can quickly put ideas and innovations into practice – if need be within 24 hours. Our experts immediately test and try out all new innovations and developments and put them into practice using our on-site certified testing facility. This means that our customers directly benefit from our tailor-made solutions and that our innovations can go into serial production swiftly.

So you can tell: for us at REVENTA® creating a “good climate” is not only important in stables and livestock buildings – we also care for a great climate in our working relationship with you, our customers.